Successfully Handle Your Sleep Apnea With A Matelas Sommier

matelas sommier.jpgMillions of people around the world wake up tired each morning despite eight hours sleep, and they simply chalk it up to growing older. The mistake in believing it's simply age related can mean many more years of being unnecessarily tired, when the answer is sleep apnea. Read this article to see if you fit the sleep apnea profile.


If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, lose some weight. Being over-weight or obese can affect your breathing severely and can cause many health problems, including sleep apnea. Those individuals who lost at least twenty to twenty-five excess pounds saw a marked improvement in respiratory issues related to sleep apnea.


You might want to build meditation routine into the nightly. Sleep apnea sufferers may find that the techniques found in yoga and tai chi help relax the body leading to a more normal sleep. Even simple deep breathing exercises prior to bed have been shown to help sleep apnea sufferers. If you follow a routine nightly, you may see big improvements to your symptoms.


Try having a light snack before you go to bed if you have sleep apnea. You need to get plenty of restful sleep each night when you have a sleep disorder. If you go to bed hungry, you are going to have a more difficult time getting to sleep and staying asleep. Have a little bite to eat before bed, and hunger pains will not keep you awake.


If you smoke cigarettes and are suffering from sleep apnea, now is the best time to quit this habit. When you smoke, you are increasing the inflammation and the fluid retention in your throat along with your upper airways, and that will contribute greatly to sleep apnea. Once you quit, you should notice your symptoms start to lessen.


A good portion of how well you sleep each night depends solely on matelas sommier. Keeping a relaxed and open mind will translate to better sleep. Consider taking 15 minutes out of your busy schedule each day for meditation. Believe it or not, those 15 minutes can make a huge difference for your sleep apnea.


If you have sleep apnea and were just prescribed a CPAP, keep trying different masks until you find the one that fits you just right. Some masks may not be the right size or shape for your face. If your CPAP mask is leaking air into your eyes all night or rubbing the skin on your forehead raw, ask your sleep center to prescribe a different mask for you.


Consider sleeping sitting up if you have sleep apnea, and you do not have a CPAP available. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but you have not had your CPAP prescribed yet. Maybe the power went out, and your CPAP will not work without electricity. Whenever you have to sleep without the benefit of matelas sommier, sleeping sitting up will help to keep your airway from collapsing.


If you suffer from sleep apnea, remember that there are no overnight miracles. It is important that your treat the underlying causes of your sleep apnea symptoms. Find the treatment that works best for you and keep trying until you find the one that truly works. If one doesn't work, keep moving on.


If you are unsure whether or not you have sleep apnea, consider setting up an audio or video recorder next to your bed. When you review the recording, watch or listen for choking, gasping or other signs that you are not getting enough air as you sleep. Present your findings to your doctor if you suspect that you do have apnea.


Avoid anything that can make your sleep apnea worse, especially high altitudes. Sleeping in a high altitude ie. airplanes can actually make your symptoms worse as the loss of oxygen increases. If you must travel, make sure you talk to your physician about how you can relieve your symptoms of sleep apnea.


If any of the information shared here sounds like it fits your troubles, it is time to do something about it. There is no need to suffer month after month. There is a solution for you and it's as close as speaking up and getting a diagnosis. You deserve a good night's rest!

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